Vila  Musterring  is a unique project, whose target is to bring convenience to customers in the selection and purchase furniture of Germany's leading furniture company Musterring in conditions of real furnished house with experienced designer.
We offer our customers:
- Quality and years of proven furniture of leading foreign furniture companies
- 20 years experience in arranging interiors
- An examination of ten rooms, which are designed and equipped to find our customers feel comfortable and also had real idea about the possibilities of their own housing facility
- You can sit on the spacious terrace equipped with garden furniture Danish firm Cane-line, which has developed its products for special water resistant material
- Furnishings including bathrooms, kitchens, home accessories and textiles, lighting, wall coverings and carpets
- Individual approach when choosing furniture


Are you planning remodeling or furnishing an apartment or house, do you want to help with the selection of equipment and at the same time you want to respect your ideas and requirements?
Want you to see the library that contains thousands of books, television, home theater and includes a work area for your computer?

Do you want to choos suitable wallpapers to your home?
Do you need to arrange functionally and color-coordinated children's / student's room?
Do you like to surround yourself with suitable living accessories that give your interior a unique atmosphere?
Contact us at tel.601 385 606 or email, to arrange an appointment to visit Vila Musterring and become another satisfied customer of our company.